Track cycling at Newport Velodrome

Track sessions, aimed at all abilities including newcomers and youngsters are held at the Welsh National Velodrome in Newport. This world class facility combined with availability of accredited club coaches allows access to this unique cycling experience.

Sessions are designed to introduce riders to the delights of riding the steeply banked wooden track in a safe fashion, and to further improve the relevant skills in order that they might progress to regular racing on the track.

Rider need to bring their own helmet and track mitts, no helmet no ride. It is also recommended that you wear 2 layers to help stop abrasions in the event of fall.

Track Bike Hire

The club have eight Track Bikes available for hire, at a cost of £5 for adults and £3 for children’s per sesson. We would request that riders not attending track sessions return the bikes in order to ensure that we have the maximum number available for all our riders. To arrange hire, please contact Andy Cadwallader 07768 342928. Details, of bikes available are given below. you have to supply your own pedals for the club bikes.

Bikes can also be hired at the velodrome at a cost of £11. you are not permitted to change the pedals on the velodrome bikes and so you will need to have look keo cleats to fit their pedals.

Frame Colour Size Gearing Wheel size
Fort Red 54cm 49x16 83” 700c
Fort Red 54cm 49x16 83” 700c
Fort Black 55cm 46x15 90" 700c
Fort Red 52cm 49x16 83” 700c
Fort Red 52cm 49x15 88” 700c
Woodrup Gold 54cm 48x15 86” 700c
Fuji Grey 58cm 46x14 90” 700c