Castle Combe Circuit

Chippenham & District Wheelers have traditionally had the use of the Castle Combe Race Circuit for training sessions every Tuesday night from April until September. Due to increasing popularity of this facility, the administration of the sessions will be managed by Castle Combe Circuit itself.

  • Access to the circuit is via the ‘Competitors Entrance’ on the B4039. There is a large car-park here.
  • The charge to ride on the circuit is £3 per adult (£1 for under-16s). This is to cover administration and insurance costs.
  • Riders under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Riders will need to register (free of charge), and provide emergency contact details on the first visit to these sessions. From then on riders will need to sign on and pay each evening at the gate.
  • The registration area will be a covered facility and participants will have use of toilets.

Participation is at your own risk.

Turbo training sessions

The club runs periodic turbo training session at a local sports hall facility. The idea is to bring your own bike, turbo trainer or rollers and get training with other club members and a qualified and experienced cycling coach. Please check the calendar of events or the newsletter for this training programme typically run over the winter months.


The Chaingang meet every Saturday morning throughout the year at 9:30am for a fast paced group training ride about 40 miles. All members welcome!

Chaingang Explained - A Chain Gang is an efficient way to share time at the front. As its name suggests it is a dynamic ‘chain’ of riders made up of faster (left hand) and a slower (right hand) lines. As each rider moves up through to the front from the faster line, they spend a few minutes at the front before moving across to the "slower" (right hand) line.

Since a chaingang is made up of a faster and a slower line, you will change speed as you move from one to the other – you slow down as you change lines at the front and speed up as you change at the back. With this in mind, some Do’s and Don’ts about riding in a chain gang :

  • Do ease off at the front when you change from the faster to the slower line – take the pressure off the pedals slightly, but don’t brake.
  • Do avoid leaving a gap as you move across – a gap forces the rider behind to accelerate to regain your wheel – not appreciated!
  • Do let riders nearby know if you are unable to go through and intend to sit at the back of the group to recover.
  • Do warn riders if you intend to rejoin the chain after sitting out.
  • Do stay alert, not just for the usual safety reasons, but to ensure that gaps don’t occur.
  • Don’t switch lines unnecessarily.
  • Don’t speed up when you reach the front.
  • Don’t ride erratically, keep it steady –remember the only time you should be accelerating is when you change lines at the back.

Individuals take part in any group rides at their own risk. Chippenham & District Wheelers and its club members accept no responsibility for the safety of anyone participating in group rides, and no liability in the event of an accident.